Introducing D.S.P.

Dutch Soccer Promotions works in collaboration with clubs that organise international football tournaments in the Netherlands, one-off matches and unique tours for Dutch clubs wanting to play abroad.We work with football clubs and football event’s organisers in England, Germany, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands, to ensure all of our events have a truly international flavour.Should you be holding an events at your own club, and be looking for clubs to participate, let us know. We can help you find teams from clubs in the Netherlands that are interested in taking part in tournaments abroad.

D.S.P can take care of the contact with clubs and teams in specific regions of the Netherlands, or if you are holding an event, we can liaise between you and the Dutch teams.We can help you find one-off matches or indoor and outdoor tournaments as well as travel and accommodation. All that is left, is to ensure that the teams are fit for the event, and ready to represent their clubs with pride. 

We offer a choice of:
• Bus or air travel 
• Hotel accommodation (or an alternative type of accommodation)
• Training with local clubs (with or without a match schedule)
• One-off friendlies
• D.S.P. Indoor or Outdoor Tournaments

We hope you can find what you are looking for on our website, and look forward to welcoming your players to one of our future events.For more information about our services and expertise, do not hesitate to contact us.