D.S.P. organises soccer events throughout the year with its unique D.S.P Indoor and Outdoor Soccer Tournaments. The D.S.P. Indoor Soccer Tournaments are 3-day, weekend events (Friday evening, Saturday all day and with finals on Sunday), generally held in sports halls or on Astroturf.
D.S.P organises the events and the sponsorship from local Dutch clubs and local businesses.

The concept was developed a number of years ago by Evert Koster, founder of Dutch Soccer Promotions, as the first-ever indoor soccer tournament to use indoor Astroturf and include special sponsorship boards around the pitch. This concept offers a fantastic alternative to conventional football, and has been well received by local and regional clubs.

The first-ever indoor soccer tournament of this kind was organised by Evert Koster and Johan van der Kamp at Hotel Inntel in Zutphen,the Netherlands, for members of the former FCZutphen football club W’SSS (see the newspaper report). D.S.P has reinvented this concept and invites clubs from all over Europe to get involved.